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April 4, 2015 Family Life, Personal Thoughts , ,

Wonders… Thankful

I am so thankful to the Lord. I can’t quite figure out why but I say things are going well for us right now. The kids are doing well and Soapbox Sketcher is earning O.K. – just right for what we need.

Yana is going to be in First Grade this coming school year and she ‘graduated’ with Second Honors from her Kindergarten class. She also got the ‘Best in Math’ and the ‘Most Creative’ Awards. Ysha and Yza have very legible handwriting now and they are also learning how to read – bit by bit – in Filipino. They can read simple CVCV words now, slowly – but still reading. They still have limited vocabulary but I can definitely say that they’ve improved a lot considering that they were just babbling last year. Thank You Lord.

Biboy is still not talking. He can say a few words like ‘Ate’, ‘Opo’, ‘Mam’, and ‘Yshi’. He calls his feeding bottle with milk ‘duts’ and he understands simple commands like ‘give’, ‘dance’, ‘eat’, and ‘higa’ (lie down). He tries to sing nursery rhymes though. He also points to the sky when you ask him where the moon or the stars are. I hope he starts talking soon.

As for Soapbox Sketcher, I have earned alright during the first quarter of the year – just enough for the needed Tuition Fee for the kids. I just hope my leading app will continue to get a lot of downloads. Again, Thank you po Lord for all the blessings. Thank you for keeping us healthy and together. Thank you for our strengths and your continuous guidance. Thank you po.

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