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February 20, 2013 Self Improvement , , , ,

Self Improvement: The Beauty of Having Tons of Work

I am tired and sleepy. I haven’t had enough sleep for four, five or six days now. Fortunately, I do get some sleep – not just your typical version of a good night’s sleep – but I do sleep, and I am lucky. I’m not complaining. Why? Because my lack of sleep actually means that I had to deal with a lot of work.

Work. We ought not to complain about our jobs – even if it equates to an almost daily to-do list which exceeds the size of an ordinary A4 pad (for as long as you are treated fairly by your employer). After all, jobs should always be regarded as opportunities.

A job is an opportunity to not be bored and a chance to better yourself. It is a chance to learn more, an opportunity to do something productive, to contribute to others, and perhaps do something good for our society. Most of all – let’s be honest, a job allows us to earn the money we need to give us and our family, decent lives. With a job, we can provide ourselves and our family with all the basics – food, clothing, a home, schooling fees – and more.

If you ever find yourself complaining A LOT about your job, then it’s probably time for you to resign. Maybe what you do is not your calling. Maybe the spot you’re in now is not your place, and maybe there is a better, greener opportunity for you somewhere, somewhere where you’ll feel excited, engaged, and motivated. As what I have written in my other blogs – if you don’t love your job, quit and find that job you’d be passionate about.

On the other hand, if there is really no reason to hate, then embrace the opportunity you have been given and make the most of it. Realize that there are tons of jobless people out there who would give a lot just to be in your ’employed’ state.

I still believe that we should only do what we love to do. However, when you decide that you will DO something, make the most of it. Give your best or give the chance to someone else and find where you should belong.

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