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May 5, 2015 Personal Thoughts , , , , , ,

I Miss Me, ‘Going’ to Work…

I used to spend at least four hours a day on the road. I used to work outside of my home and frankly, sometimes I miss it.

Don’t get me wrong. Working at home is truly more convenient. You don’t have to endure long hours sitting in a public vehicle ( I don’t know how to drive) and cursing the traffic-congested roads. You don’t have to dress up every morning and fix yourself up so you can match your boss’ perception of how a prim and proper employee looks like. You don’t have to ‘fake interact’ with officemates you don’t really want to mingle with. You don’t have to wear high heels. You don’t have to work straight for eight hours…. and the list goes on.

But I miss working outside of my home… sometimes. I miss interacting – personally – with other people… I miss eating ‘out’ for lunch. I miss the coffee with tons of cream I used to make for myself whenever I get sleepy a few hours before that most-awaited daily 5 pm. I don’t miss the office jobs I had before but I do miss being in an office.

Maybe I should just get myself an office somewhere – outside of my home, where I can work ‘seriously’ every once in a while.

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