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January 13, 2014 Personal Thoughts , ,

Hello New Year: 2013 Rush Recap + My Affirmations for 2014

It’s been a while since I have posted something here – primarily because I have been very busy with so many things. For one, I was blessed with being pregnant again despite the fact that I was taking oral contraceptives. It was unplanned but I was very happy when I got a positive HPT result. The first few months of the pregnancy was tough but all is well that ends well – I successfully gave birth to my fourth kid, my healthy and very cute baby boy, last December 24, 2013. (Thank you Lord!).

Aside from being pregnant, I lost my full time job last year and then I got myself three VA jobs last, and I also tried to start my own Mobile App Development Company – Soapbox Sketchers. My hatchling company is still on its way to success but I’m happy to report that I already recovered my initial investment which is really quite small compared to how much other developers spend.

I am, however, quitting my jobs from last year (primarily because I can no longer handle everything) – and I’m planning to stick to one part time job while I again make the most of blogging while I make apps by myself and fulfil my full-time mommy duties.

I have noted down several goals last year…

  • To get ourselves our Home Sweet Home
  • To still have a Nice Car by the end of the year
  • To give birth to a healthy Baby Boy
  • To ensure that Ysha and Yza will start talking
  • To ensure that Yana will start reading
  • To start my own company and launch my own products


Unfortunately, I have not been able to fulfil all. We still don’t have the money we need to buy a new home of our own and I am far behind my savings target which has been radically depleted after my childbirth and Christmas. We still have a good car though and YES YES YES! I gave birth to my wonderful Vince, Jr. As for my twin daughters, they did start talking but the words they know are quite few and limited so I have to extensively work on that this year – the same goes for Yana’s reading skills. I did also successfully start my own company and hopefully it will go well and I can start earning $100 a day in the next few months. Hopefully, I can finish 10 apps for the remaining of this month and I can earn more.

For 2014, I have been thinking of new goals and new affirmations to set and so far, here’s what I can think of in relation to my previous goals and my present concerns…


  • I will successfully breastfeed Vince, Jr. for no less than six months.
  • Ysha and Yza will learn how to compose phrases and learn and write their ABCs, numbers 1-10, and learn about colors and shapes this year.
  • Yana will be able to read well before classes start in June and she will be in her class’ top 10.
  • Soapbox Sketchers will have a total of 50 apps by February 2014, and will earn at least $100 everyday starting March (100 apps by June 2014).
  • We will have a house of our own by the end of this year.
  • We will still have a good car by the end of this year.


That’s it for now. Maybe I’ll add new affirmations soon… but for now, I think these would do… I really wish I could fulfil all. If I can make No. 4 happen, then I could probably make No. 5 happen. I just have to double my persistence, patience, and hard work. (Help me Lord please!)

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