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July 18, 2015 Personal Thoughts, Savings and Investments, Self Improvement , ,

And I’ve got a new iMac!

We bought an iMac – from the hard-earned savings which we use to buy and sell a second-hand car every now and then.

I’m a happy that we’ve got a new computer to tinker with but I’m also sad that now, we’ve spent a huge chunk of our savings 🙁 but then again, buying it was not really an option. After all, what would I do if I don’t have a mac? How can I make Apple apps without it? Haay. This iMac is an investment. Yes it is, and I’m not trying to convince you, I’m justifying my actions as I am now arguing with myself. Tsk tsk tsk.

Decisions. Decisions.
Bad luck.
Anyhow, I just have to think of it in a positive light. I’ve got a new iMac! and I am going to earn tons using it. I have to. Lol

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