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October 20, 2012

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I ‘write’ because I love and I need the craft. I have a passion for writing and it is my dream to be a versatile writer and perhaps an author of a novel or a book someday soon.

I am a lover of life, of cheesecakes and cheese, of thriller and slasher movies – and (oddly) of various animated kiddie films from Disney, DreamWorks, Pixar, and Mattel (Barbie movies), of traveling and road trips, of cooking, of groupon vouchers and deals, of reading novels, and of surfing the web for just about anything which interests me.

I am an introvert who wants to explore the world to see places, to try various activities, to take pictures, and to go food tripping.

I am a dedicated mom of three very bubbly princesses and the queen of my palace with no servants (I have no household helper). 

I am stubborn and childish but persistent about achieving goals I have set. I am a risk-taker and I am a dreamer.

Blogger LN

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