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I Think I Blew It

Got my chance and I think I just blew it. Maybe I will try again… I don’t know… I really messed up… and I have tons of excuses…phewwwww… Maybe I will just try again.

December 8, 2015 Businesses and Career, Personal Thoughts

Can I? I will TRY.

I have a new goal in mind for this year, and I won’t discuss it here in detail because if I fail at least, at least you all wouldn’t know about it and I won’t live in shame. Lol. Seriously though, I think I’ll just write a more detailed post about it – might even create a whole new blog about it – IF – I succeed. But to give you some clues, let’s just say that this endeavour is something that I came up with because of my sisters – who will be doing it with me soon.

Anyhow, wish me luck – Lots of it. I’ll do the work but I think I will need prayers. Pray for me 🙂

July 24, 2015 Businesses and Career, Self Improvement ,

And I’ve got a new iMac!

We bought an iMac – from the hard-earned savings which we use to buy and sell a second-hand car every now and then.

I’m a happy that we’ve got a new computer to tinker with but I’m also sad that now, we’ve spent a huge chunk of our savings 🙁 but then again, buying it was not really an option. After all, what would I do if I don’t have a mac? How can I make Apple apps without it? Haay. This iMac is an investment. Yes it is, and I’m not trying to convince you, I’m justifying my actions as I am now arguing with myself. Tsk tsk tsk.

Decisions. Decisions.
Bad luck.
Anyhow, I just have to think of it in a positive light. I’ve got a new iMac! and I am going to earn tons using it. I have to. Lol

July 18, 2015 Personal Thoughts, Savings and Investments, Self Improvement , ,

Note to Self – Take it Easy and Suck it Up

So, my Tres Marias have started schooling. In fact, they have been in school for almost three weeks now. Yana is now in Grade 1 and Yza and Ysha are in Kindergarten… and most of the time, I think I’m in the brink of having a nervous breakdown of some sort.

The culprit – over fatigue and toooooooo much stress. It is hard to take care of three kids who are in school while also doing the household chores, taking care of a toddler (my 18-month old Biboy), and also working on my apps (and my blogs every now and then).

It is hard to prep the kids for school, wash and iron their uniforms (and socks), teach them their lessons and help them do their assignments and projects while also trying to ensure that I finish doing what I’m supposed to be doing for the SoapboxSketcher project, and also playing Yaya to Biboy and ‘managing’ the home.

But hey, I am doing the best that I can. Maybe I should just get used to it. Maybe I just need time to suck it up and deal with it. Haaaaaaaaaay. I should also probably take it easy and I should put less pressure on me and my kids when it comes to their school work.

July 3, 2015 Family Life , , ,

I Miss Me, ‘Going’ to Work…

I used to spend at least four hours a day on the road. I used to work outside of my home and frankly, sometimes I miss it.

Don’t get me wrong. Working at home is truly more convenient. You don’t have to endure long hours sitting in a public vehicle ( I don’t know how to drive) and cursing the traffic-congested roads. You don’t have to dress up every morning and fix yourself up so you can match your boss’ perception of how a prim and proper employee looks like. You don’t have to ‘fake interact’ with officemates you don’t really want to mingle with. You don’t have to wear high heels. You don’t have to work straight for eight hours…. and the list goes on.

But I miss working outside of my home… sometimes. I miss interacting – personally – with other people… I miss eating ‘out’ for lunch. I miss the coffee with tons of cream I used to make for myself whenever I get sleepy a few hours before that most-awaited daily 5 pm. I don’t miss the office jobs I had before but I do miss being in an office.

Maybe I should just get myself an office somewhere – outside of my home, where I can work ‘seriously’ every once in a while.

May 5, 2015 Personal Thoughts , , , , , ,

Wonders… Thankful

I am so thankful to the Lord. I can’t quite figure out why but I say things are going well for us right now. The kids are doing well and Soapbox Sketcher is earning O.K. – just right for what we need.

Yana is going to be in First Grade this coming school year and she ‘graduated’ with Second Honors from her Kindergarten class. She also got the ‘Best in Math’ and the ‘Most Creative’ Awards. Ysha and Yza have very legible handwriting now and they are also learning how to read – bit by bit – in Filipino. They can read simple CVCV words now, slowly – but still reading. They still have limited vocabulary but I can definitely say that they’ve improved a lot considering that they were just babbling last year. Thank You Lord. Continue reading →

April 4, 2015 Family Life, Personal Thoughts , ,